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I am an artist and explorer of my self.  I capture ideas, thoughts and moments in whatever medium is available to me.  These expressions, which evidence my experience, are observations of the human condition.  


Digital images are made using pixels.  Any digital photographic content in Fran Maguire's fine art digital prints is cut out  from her own photographs - each having its own personal significance and history.

Some works (like Evolution of Pulse) are created solely using the computer.   

Fran Maguire's fine art digital prints mark her experience and allow her to explore and document her thinking beyond the constraints of words.  

"As a creative I can't help collecting up as much as I can which I then sift and sort through to find the bits I want to use to make something out of.  This also applies to my thinking and stretching my awareness.  I live in my head.  My thinking determines my reality and experience."  

Evolution of Pulse


Fran Maguire works intuitively.

Starting with a spark of curiosity Fran develops an idea through  camera and computer into something tangible.      

"Usually when making a series or body of work I start with a fairly vague concept. Once my hands connect to a thread of thought, idea and image evolve fluidly, one being the stepping stone for the next and as the work develops, it seems to be pulled through from my subconscious."

Part of an ongoing series, Duck Diving playfully explores ideas about the field, creation, evolution, expansion of the field into a multi-verse, quantum physics, meta physics, spirituality and consciousness.  

"This work teaches me that I KNOW far more than I think I know."

Duck Diving


Howling at the Moon is a body of prophetic, psycho-geographic, composite images made over two-and-a-half years of travel through Europe and Morocco.

As a whole, it records a process and transition into a new state of being and looks at the way we collate experiences and secure them as memories.  It suggests that internal and external worlds are intrinsically connected and that time is not limited to a linear concept.  

"I believe my life is a one thing - complete - and that my awareness moves around and through it." 

The textures, distortions, pixelization and hard lines around the photographic cut outs are deliberate aspects of these works and have associated characteristics with memory.    

Howling at the Moon


Digital artworks are created on the computer and as such only exist in physical form when printed.  Fran Maguire's original limited edition digital artworks are printed using best quality papers and inks. 

The Hahnemühle watercolour papers used are well known by museums and artists for their archival qualities.  
They have a characteristic wonderfully soft feel and boast a lightly defined felt structure, lending each artwork a three-dimensional appearance and impressive pictorial depth.

The museum quality paper is acid-free and lignin-free for highest age resistance and the Epson Ultrachrome HD UV pigmented inks offer the reassurance of image stability and long life prints 200+ years.

The Halls of Justice


Please don't hesitate to discuss printing options with me.  The print will still hold its number in the edition regardless of size or material that it is printed on.

You may want to use off-the-shelf framing and want a different size white border around the printed image.  No problem.     

Some images would lend themselves to being printed in other sizes and onto different surfaces, eg.  stretched canvas, or onto the back of glass for use in kitchens or bathrooms.

If you like my artworks but are unsure how to bring them into your home or business environment, please contact me.  My Facing the Wall consultancy business will happily work with you.    



On average, orders take between 10-21 days to complete due to the process.   

After printing the work is catalogued, numbered and signed, then sent by courier. 

It is advisable that you take the print in its packaging directly to your framer to flatten and frame as the printed surface of the paper is susceptible to abrasion.  


Art is an important aspect of our lives

What we choose to decorate our lives with speaks of who we are and affects our day-to-day experience.

In your home, art creates a mood, a sense of calm or stimulation, of enquiry or relaxation - it expresses your personality and speaks of who you are.