Recently I met glorious local artist Fran Maguire who inspired and stirred me up, made me roar with laughter and left me in days of contemplation and reflection. I would love to share her amazing creativity and story with you. We bought one of her extraordinary prints from her Diving Duck series. If you want a little tickle to your creative bone, check her out. Limited and unlimited edition fine art prints. Support local yes but be inspired more 🥰 www.franmaguire.co.nz
(Krista Coningham - Blenheim, NZ)

I met Fran on Christmas Eve in Sicily one year. And immediately liked her as a person.  And then I met some of her art. It is best experienced in person. She is not her art. Her art is not her. Her pieces are like any living organism. Whole. Unique. Alive. More than a projection or part of their creator. Evolution, Creation, in progress.   I like what she grows.
(Fi Lindsay - Italy)

Fran is a genius, a navigator, an explorer and a treasure
(David Rosenfeld - Wales, UK)